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Vaughn Hannon

Heading to Burning Man? There's an increased law enforcement presence on 447. Know your rights and make sure you are informed. Here's some help:
If you have any interaction with law enforcement en route to, at, or on the way home from the playa fill out the Law Enforcement Feedback Form linked to here:

Vaughn Hannon

To my friends who are on their way to or already nestled in the vacant heart of the wild west. Travel safe. Build well. Be foolish. Climb everything. Say yes. Burn. Return replenished. Yeti will join you again. Second star to the right, straight on til morning.

Vaughn Hannon


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There have been many, many trips to Burning Man and many, many plans to create something or other to display in the middle of the desert. As it goes time disappears and distractions mount. Participating in our theme camp was the primary focus for a long time. This year, at the last minute, I managed to pull together a little art project that would sit as a monument to my current obsession with the game of Go (igo, wei qi or baduk depending on your country of origin). The game originated in China some thousands of years ago and was nurtured and modernized by Japan. This structure was to be a nod to the Chinese and Japanese style of architecture without attempting to mimic any one structure specifically. 

The plans had been rolling around in my head. I wanted to minimize the use of any screws or nails and make it as transportable as possible. I mocked up a little model in 3D and then set to figuring out the details...some of which didn't emerge until actual construction. 

Here it is, mostly finished. I did add four hanging pieces of fabric in the entryways to add contrast and motion. 

<a href=""><img src="" alt="PaGoda" width="904" height="669" class="size-large wp-image-182" /></a> Nearly complete less a few additional details.

There is more to do and I plan on finishing some of the details I had planned but did not have time to complete. I'll also modify the structure a bit so it can live out on the open playa next year should I be accepted and placed by the Artery of Black Rock City.

<a href="">Feel free to check our more photos in the PaGoda Album.</a>

I would be remiss if I didn't thank my friend Jeff for assistance in the planning and producing of this project...thank you sir. And, of course, Becky for the encouragement and support in the sometimes crazy things I try to do. Thanks dear. 


Vaughn Hannon

Moar solder!

Some things need some lights.  

Vaughn Hannon

Vaughn Hannon

Here you will see our conclave, LA Fire Brigade. I'm wearing a red jumpsuit and a furry white hat.

"Fire dancers perform before the Man is burned during the Burning Man 2015 "Carnival of Mirrors" arts and music festival on Saturday"